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Our passion

As Architects and Designers, we are deeply passionate about our work and not prepared to make any compromises when it comes to thoughtfully designing our minimalist products and carefully selecting materials. We take great pride in the superior quality of our handcrafted products and we feel that your treasured memories deserve nothing less.
Living in a thoroughly digitalized world, we all have thousands of photographs buried in devices and clouds, that will never see the light of day again. That is why we have come to realize that there is no better way to store, display and share your photographs than to actually print them on paper and being able to hold them in your hands.
We also feel that there is no better way to honor your memories, than to give them a home in the real world. Be it the big milestones of your life or the little moments of your everyday, they are what really matters and deserve to be treasured.

Founders Anna and Naomi | NOAN Photo Books & Wedding Albums

Our story

The story of NOAN started in 2017, when university mates Anna from Luxembourg and Naomi from Munich decided to quit their jobs as Architects and went travelling the world together. Many months and continents later, they came back filled with memories of beautiful places and amazing people, captured in hundreds of digital photographs and chronicled in a lovingly curated Instagram feed.
Not wanting to let these treasures be forgotten in the depths of their hard drives, they started to look for a way to bring them back into the real world. To be able to display and share these memories in a way that matched their love for great design and high quality hand crafted goods.
When they did not find any service that met their demands, they decided to create it themselves by starting their own business. Since 2018, NOAN turns your beautiful photographs into custom photo books and prints of highest quality and minimalist design.

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Our responsibility

As avid travellers, we’ve had the good fortune to witness first hand the incredible wonders our earth has to offer, but also the fragility of their beauty. That is one of the reasons, why manufacturing sustainably and protecting our environment is a cause that is very close to our hearts.
All of our products are produced sustainably at a local family-owned business in the Bavarian countryside, that prints carbon neutrally and is, among others, PEFC certified. We only use sustainably sourced and certified paper, some of which is produced using 100% wind energy. We also ship sustainably, by using a carrier that ships carbon neutrally.
As our business grows, we strive to implement more changes in order to make our production even more sustainable.