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How can I contact you?
The easiest way to contact us is to send us an email to hello@thisisnoan.com. We usually respond within 24 hours.

Where are you located?
Luxembourg and Munich are the hometowns of our founders. Our headquarters are located in the heart of Europe in Luxembourg, our production is located in the Bavarian countryside near Munich.


Are any logos / barcodes / QR codes printed on your products?
There are no barcodes / QR codes printed on any of our products. A small NOAN logo will be printed on the back of our Softcover Photo Books.

Your Softcover S Photo Book is Instagram friendly. What does that mean?
When posting pictures to Instagram, they are automatically cropped and resized. The size of our Softcover S Photo Book is optimized for Instagram posts, so you can enjoy your Instagram pictures printed in great quality.

Online Editor

Do I need to download software?
No, it is not necessary to download any software. Our easy-to-use online editor works in your internet browser.

How do I access the Editor?
Choose your product in the online shop and click on the “Create Now” Button on the product page to open the online editor.

Can I use the Editor on a mobile device like my smartphone or tablet?
You can use the Editor on a mobile device, however we recommend using it in desktop version. It is also possible to start your project from a mobile device, save it and finish it later on another device.

How do I upload pictures?
You can upload your pictures from desktop, mobile, Instagram, Facebook or Dropbox in one simple step directly in the editor. Just click on "Add Images" in the top right corner and select an upload option.

How can I add / edit / change images?
Fill all pages at once by clicking the “Auto Fill” Button or add images individually by dragging and dropping them onto the pages.
Edit images by selecting the image on the page and using the edit functions on the right panel.
Delete an image by selecting the image and clicking the "Clear" Button on the right. You can also directly replace an image by dragging another image from your selection onto the page.

How can I change page layouts?
You can change layouts by selecting the “Layouts” tab on the right side and simply dragging & dropping the layout onto the page.

How can I add / delete / rearrange pages?
Click the “Organize” Button at the bottom of the editor to add and delete pages or to rearrange them by dragging & dropping the pages.

How can I edit book titles?
You can edit the book title by clicking into the text box.

How can I save my project?
You can save your project and finish it at a later time by clicking on the Save & Exit Button.

The editor doesn’t open in my browser. What can I do?
You may not be using the latest version of your browser. Try checking for updates and please let us know at hello@thisisnoan.com if the issue persists.

I got a warning in the editor, what does it mean?

  • Image resolution is low
    The image resolution is too low / the image is too small to be printed at current size. You can use a bigger image / an image with higher resolution instead or you can use a different layout with a smaller image box.

  • Text is too large to fit in the box
    Not all your text is visible in the text box. You can reduce the text size or shorten the text. When editing a gold stamped title, the text size is fixed and cannot be reduced.

  • Unedited warning
    There are placeholder image boxes that do not contain any images or there are placeholder texts that have not been edited. If you do not want to use additional images or add your own text, you can just delete the placeholder text and ignore the warning. Empty placeholder image boxes and text boxes will print blank.

Prints: How do I order multiple copies of the same image?
When creating your Print Set in the editor, 10 pages are displayed. Simply drag and drop your image on as many pages as you want, to order multiple copies. Please fill all 10 pages as empty pages will print blank.

How can I choose a fabric colour?
You can choose the fabric colour for your Hardcover Photo Book or Gold Stamped Photo Book in the cart. Simply choose your colour from the drop-down menu.

Materials & Production

What kind of paper do you use for your products?
We use uncoated natural paper with an eggshell finish to create our signature products with superior feel, matte finish and natural colouring. We don’t print on traditional glossy photo paper.

Photo Books:
Interior pages are printed on 160 g/sm Metapaper Rough with a naturally rough finish. Softcovers are printed on 350 g/sm Metapaper Extrarough with a naturally rough and matte finish.

Prints / Calendars:
Our Print Sets, Photo Calendars and Gift Cards are printed on Metapaper Rough 300 g/sm.

What kind of materials do you use for your Hardcover Books and Gold Stamped Books?
Our Hardcover Books and Gold Stamped books have a linen fabric cover. We use fabric by German manufacturer Bamberger Kaliko.
Our Gold Stamped Books are hand stamped with gold foil stamping.

What kind of Clipboards do you use for your Photo Calendars?
Our Photo Calendars are mounted on beech veneer plywood clipboards with eco-friendly coating. They are handmade in Germany by “Lebenshilfe Werkstätten”, a non-profit organization that runs workshops staffed by disabled people.

Do you manufacture your products sustainably?
Manufacturing sustainably and protecting our environment is a cause that is very close to our hearts.

  • We use only certified paper from sustainable forestry
  • We use paper for our Softcovers that is produced by using 100% wind energy
  • We have partnered up with a printer who prints carbon neutrally and is among others PEFC certified
  • All our products are handmade for you at a local family-owned business in the Bavarian countryside
  • We ship all of our products carbon neutrally
As our business grows, we will be able to take more steps in order to make our production even more sustainable.

What printing methods do you use?
We use a state-of-the-art digital press. That way we are able to produce individual prints in superior quality similar to offset printing.

What makes your printing style special?
Our printing style is a bit different from traditional glossy photo prints. We use uncoated natural paper with an eggshell finish to create our signature products with superior feel, matte finish and natural colouring.
We feel that is the best way to showcase the premium materials we use and preserve the natural beauty of your pictures.

What type of binding do you use?
We use durable PUR Binding for all of our books.

Online Shop

How can I use my discount code?
You can enter your discount code at checkout. Enter the code into the Coupon Code box under the Order Summary and click Apply.

How can I cancel / change my order?
If you need to cancel or change your order, send an email to hello@thisisnoan.com. We will do our best to intercept your order before it reaches production.


What are your production & shipping times?
This is how long it will take from the moment you place your order until it arrives at your door:

Photo Books:
5 - 13 days (Germany)
6 - 21 days (EU)

2 - 6 days (Germany)
3 - 14 days (EU)

We do not split orders. If your order contains different product types, the longest production & shipping time is applicable.

What are your shipping costs within Germany?
We ship within Germany for €3.90. Shipping is free for orders over €60 after deduction of discounts.

What are your shipping costs for the rest of the EU?
We ship EU-wide for €4.90. EU-wide shipping is free for orders over €120 after deduction of discounts.

Where do you ship to?
We currently only ship within the EU. If you want to order to another country, please contact us at hello@thisisnoan.com.

I have a problem with a damaged parcel or haven’t received my order yet. What should I do?
Contact us at hello@thisisnoan.com so we can check with our carrier and take care of the issue.

Quality Guarantee

What is your quality guarantee?
We are passionate about great design and outstanding quality and we strive for our products to make you 100% happy. If they do not for any reason, let us know at hello@thisisnoan.com. We promise to fix the problem or give you a full refund.